Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nearly Instant Blender Mayo - Primal Style

I am often asked how to make mayo since I make my own now.

My personal recipe was inspired by Rolls Royce Mayo, here.

I now use pastured "pullets" eggs from Lowden's Lane Egg Farm.

My blender mayo is excellent warm and fresh made, or chilled.  Keep it in the fridge, whip it up and add spices of any kind to make instant dips or spreads.  100% healthy and natural.  Its even lacto-ovo vegetarian friendly as well as ideal for nutritional ketosis.

Use "Primal Quality" food - local pastured eggs, top notch organic olive oil, etc...

A note on olive oil, unless you want your mayo to taste like olive oil do not use extra virgin, use a light olive oil... light does not have to mean extra processing, it just indicates its just not from the first or second pressings (traditionally).  It is hard to find top notch light olive oil... you may need to compromise...

Preparation - For Blender (Food processor likely easier)

Do this in two batches, using half the ingredients each, blenders do not handle all at once to well...

To make each batch do as follows then stir together at the end

  • Warm butter and oil in a small pot til melted and "very warm to touch", but not hot enough to cook egg yolk... so not to hot!  I just eyeball a quater pound of butter and about twice as much olive oil
  • Add garlic puree or whole garlic to pot while it warms, if using whole garlic remove before blending
  • In blender put 1TBSP water, 1 egg yolk, 1 TBSP Braggs ACV, a pinch of top notch sea salt and a few cranks of pepper
  • Blend on lowest setting, start to drizzle in from pot the hot oil and butter mixture, very slowly
  • As volume of mixture thickens and grows, speed up blender
  • Stop when blender can no longer keep up
  • Stop blender, stir with spoon
  • Blend another few seconds
  • Remove to container
  • Repeat with next batch
  • Mix all batches together when done
You will rapidly get to the point where you can make one batch and just eyeball the measures, its hard to go wrong after a bit of practice.


  • Mix some with chipoltle powder for a spicy dip
  • Mix with some roasted garlic or roasted garlic and red pepper flakes for a dip or sauce
  • Serve room temperature when you want it softer, refridgerated when you want buttery but spreadable texture
  • Serve freshly made and still warm as a sauce, mixed with herbs or spices of any kind
  • Try unusual spices like indonesean, or even a jerk spice mix

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